Andrew Park

Andrew Park is a UK-based solicitor with over 35 years’ experience in commercial law practice.

Andrew qualified as a solicitor in 1978, and set up APP Law in 1994. Initially he dealt with a broad range of company, commercial  and litigation work.  In 1995 he took on one of the first compensation cases for a UK wine importer under the EU Commercial Agents Directive. He became interested in the wine trade, and the complex, cross-border legal problems it can throw up.

Since then Andrew has carved out a niche as a specialist adviser to businesses involved in the UK wine and spirits trades – one of few UK lawyers with such expertise.

Andrew has operated as a solo since 1994.  He has no plans to change this.  It enables him to guarantee that every client receives a one-to-one personal service, and ensure that every piece of work is done to the highest possible standard.

Legal work for the wine and spirits trade

Andrew works mainly for producers of wine, spirits and other alcoholic drinks who export to the UK.  Much of Andrew’s work comes on referral from foreign law firms who represent producers in their own jurisdictions.  Andrew also works for UK importers and others involved in the UK drinks trade.

Most of his work concerns:

  • Agency, Distribution and Other Contracts
  • Brands, Joint Ventures and IP
  • Regulatory issues connected with the importation of alcoholic drinks and their labelling, packaging, and sale in the UK
  • Termination of trading relationships and compensation claims

See Wine & Spirits Trade Law.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Andrew is very experienced commercial litigator with a track record of successfully running cases at all levels, including right up to the UK Supreme Court.  See Dispute Resolution.

Publications and associations

Andrew has written numerous articles for both drinks trade and legal publications.  He is a member of the International Wine Lawyers Association (aka the AIDV) and contributor of the UK chapter of Global Wine Law, the AIDV’s Guide to the rules and regulations governing the production and commercialisation of wine throughout the world.

APP Law is a member of the UK Wine and Spirits Trade Association (the WSTA).

“In Italy we often use the term ‘Avvocatense’ which roughly translates to ‘lawyer speak’: the deliberately complex and confusing language that lawyers often use. I’m pleased to say that Andrew did not use ‘Avvocatense’; he explained everything very clearly about our legal position and our range of options.”    Read the full testimonial

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