Case Study – Armit Wines

Armit Wines is a long established wine merchant based in London.  It has sales channels dedicated to private clients, as well as hotels, restaurants, retail, wholesale and online sales.  We were instructed to assist with a review of Armit’s sales terms and conditions for all channels, which had not been comprehensively examined for some years.

Why choose APP Law?

Armit’s FD chose APP Law because of Andrew Park’s specialist expertise, and his favourable rates compared to London-based law firms:

“We wanted to work with a lawyer who would give us good value but that knew the wine trade and would provide us with a set of terms that would give us the protections required. Having started with the trade T&Cs we were very satisfied with the work that Andrew did and felt confident to engage him to review the private customer terms which were much more complex due to the number of different transaction types that apply to our business.”

The Solution

Having first conducted an analysis of each sales channel, Andrew then created a core set of T&Cs plus specific add-ons for each sales channel and transaction type i.e. Duty Paid, In Bond, En Primeur & Website sales (including all online documentation, and a structure for the online ordering process), plus terms for Private Reserve storage.

How did Armit’s FD find working with Andrew on the project?

“Because of his experience within the wine trade it wasn’t difficult at all to explain the differences between our operation and that of other merchants/importers, and this was an advantage. The service was very good: I don’t necessarily want to get involved with the minutiae of the legalities and Andrew struck the right balance between providing as much information as I needed to make key decisions without over-burdening me with detail.

What we have ended up with is a robust, comprehensive set of terms. We feel confident that this puts us in a much stronger position than previously and that we have addressed any weaknesses which could have potentially left us exposed.”

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