Case Study – Marques del Atrio

Marques del Atrio (MDA) is a large, long-established wine producer in Rioja, Spain. A family run company, it trades its wines across five continents. In 2013 MDA became increasingly concerned about its relationship with its UK importer and decided to terminate their agreement. Despite having their own Spanish lawyers, MDA decided to take advice throughout from a UK-based lawyer who would have a good understanding of the UK market. Andrew Park was recommended to them.

Jorge Rivero Romanos, director of MDA’s Commercial Export Department, explains why they appointed Andrew:

“It was very useful for us to have a UK based lawyer, particularly one that was so knowledgeable of the wine trade. He was able to explain UK laws and how things work there. He’d been involved in similar cases before so that experience was invaluable.”

Following termination, the importer raised compensation claims under the UK Commercial Agents Regulations. With Andrew’s help a settlement of those claims was negotiated, without the need for court proceedings.  MDA were very pleased with the outcome achieved.

In parallel with handling the compensation claim negotiations, Andrew also helped MDA to create and put in place contracts with their new agents and distributors for the UK, designed to protect MDA’s interests more robustly in the future.

Jorge again:

“It was of real value to us that Andrew was able to offer a comprehensive package of services to help us implement our new strategy for the UK market. We are very happy with the outcome of ending the existing relationship, and the new contracts give us confidence that we would have much better protection should the situation arise again. We were very pleased with all aspects of Andrew’s service.”

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