Case Study – The Wine People SRL

The Wine People SRL (TWP) is a wine producer based in Italy and selling wines worldwide. In 2014 TWP decided to terminate its arrangement with its UK distributor and gave notice to do so in September 2014.  Post termination the distributor was reluctant to pay outstanding monies owed to TWP and put forward various justifications for not paying up. TWP engaged Andrew Park to help them resolve the matter.

After fact-checking the history of the relationship, Andrew advised that there was no justification for withholding the money owing, and on how TWP should proceed in order to obtain payment without further delay.  Within a month, a settlement was negotiated and the monies owed were safely banked by TWP.

Stefano Girelli, Managing Director of TWP:

“We are very pleased with the way Andrew approached the situation; he did an excellent job getting to the real essence of the problem and confronting it effectively to bring it to a swift conclusion. In Italy we often use the term ‘Avvocatense’ which roughly translates to ‘lawyer speak’: the deliberately complex and confusing language that lawyers often use.

I’m pleased to say that Andrew did not use ‘Avvocatense’; he explained everything very clearly about our legal position and our range of options.  I think we would still be negotiating with the distributor now had Andrew not been involved. I really would recommend him to anyone in the wine business as it is very different to other commercial areas and his knowledge is a real advantage.”

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