Case Study – Twaites & Jones

Twaites & Jones is a fine wine merchant based in the UK.  In 2014 they became aware of their obligations to comply with the new distance selling and labelling regulations, after reading an article in the wine trade media written by Andrew Park of APP Wine Law.  As Andrew was clearly an expert in this area, they asked him to review how their business operated and advise what they needed to do to comply with the new regime.

Andrew conducted an initial review of their business and advised that although T&J weren’t selling online, they were indeed distance selling.  He also examined their sales channels, distinguishing between trade and consumer buyers, and identifying where there was (and was not) a need for regulatory compliance.

Having established the action required, Andrew provided the necessary Terms & Conditions and other legal documentation.  All key documents were supplied ready-branded, enabling T&J to put them to use with ease.

T&J Director, Chris Twaites:

“We knew we needed to comply with these regulations and that we also needed support in other legal areas now and on an on-going basis. Andrew’s experience in the wine trade therefore made him an ideal resource. He was very transparent in the way that he worked and very helpful.

We’re confident that we’ve found the right person to use as a reference for all legal matters and received the best advice we possibly could to provide protection for ourselves and for our clients. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

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