Dispute Resolution

Commercial Litigation

Andrew Park is an experienced commercial litigator with a track record of successfully running cases at all levels, including right up to the UK Supreme Court.  He has the skills and experience necessary to help clients achieve desired outcomes quickly and cost efficiently.  Andrew was involved in two important House of Lords/Supreme Court cases on agency law, both connected with the wine trade:

Lonsdale v Howard & Hallam (HL 2007) – the leading case on the assessment of compensation for commercial agents under the 1993 Regulations.  Represented the Winemakers Federation of Australia as intervenor.

Angove v Bailey (UKSC 2016) – now the leading case on when an agency is and isn’t revocable, (in which the Supreme Court also clarified the law on constructive trusts).  Represented Angove, the eventual winner.

Andrew’s running of the process from day one to the end was nothing short of exemplary.  It is hard to see how a better outcome could have been achieved.”  Read the full case study

But trips to the Supreme Court are not the norm.  Andrew’s default objective is to achieve a successful outcome for the client without the need for any court proceedings at all, and that is how the majority of his cases are concluded.  He has successfully represented clients in this way in a wide range of commercial dispute scenarios, often with an international or cross-border element, for example in relation to:

  • termination of agency, distribution and joint venture agreements
  • compensation and other claims under the UK Commercial Agency Regulations
  • sale of goods and other commercial contracts
  • insolvency claims, e.g. retention of title
  • companies and partnerships, in particular exits and break-ups
  • business and goodwill valuation disputes.

“We would still be negotiating with the distributor now had Andrew not been involved.”  Read the full case study


Andrew has considerable experience of representing clients in commercial mediations as an advocate, and is himself a Civil Mediation Council registered and accredited mediator.   See Mediation Services.

If you would like to know more about the mediation process and how it works, ask for our free Client Briefing on Mediation.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss what you need and how Andrew might be able to help you.