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UK Agency and Distribution Agreements – a free Guide for Wine Producers

To complement our recently-launched Agency & Distribution Agreements Guide for Wine Importers, we have published a new Free Guide for Wine Producers which looks at the other side of the coin – what does a Producer need to be aware of when taking on a new UK agent or distributor, and how can contract terms give him increased security and protection?

A producer in this situation needs to consider:

  1. whether the importer will act as an agent or as a distributor, or as both,
  2. what his position will be if there isn’t a written agreement,
  3. how he could improve his position by having one.

Our Guide explains why written agreements may be necessary, what essential protections to consider, and how to put them in place.  To obtain the Guide, please complete the request form and we’ll email you a link to download your copy.  Request a copy of the Guide now >>> 

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