Heat Trace Limited

Founded in 1974, Heat Trace Limited has retained Andrew Park as its legal adviser since the 1990s.  A privately-owned UK company based in Cheshire, it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electric trace heating equipment and technology.  It manufactures an innovative range of power output heating cables for the oil and gas, petrochemical, water, waste treatment and rail industries.

Dan Berrisford was MD of Heat Trace from 2007 until 2020, and has continued since then as a consultant:

“I have personally worked with Andrew Park of APP Law since I joined Heat Trace in 2007, although our association with him goes back significantly further than that.

Andrew has worked with me on a wide range of commercial matters, including drafting commercial agreements and contracts, developing our standard terms & conditions of sale, business re-structuring, and advice on IP.  Most recently he has assisted in connection with some commercial litigation, and with drafting a commercial agreement with a new customer in Russia.

The overall service has been excellent.  Andrew takes a genuine interest in our business, its success and the specific assignments for which we require his support.  He is an excellent communicator and has excellent attention to detail whilst retaining a level of pragmatism that is important in commercial matters.  He strikes exactly the right balance between giving advice and taking instruction.

My exposure to other law firms has been with large corporate firms on behalf of large corporate clients and so is very different.  The huge benefit of dealing with Andrew is you get consistency of service and, as a result of our long relationship, a real understanding of how we like to operate.”

Dan updated this Testimonial following the successful conclusion in early 2021 of some long-running litigation which Andrew handled for Heat Trace:

Once again, many thanks for your highly skilled work on this lengthy litigation.   I have enjoyed working with you and always find you to be thorough, patient, excellent at explaining the legal concepts and empathetic to the various stakeholders.  The key for me is that you are completely engaged with the case and the people involved and at times have been as emotionally invested at the rest of us which I think is quite rare for professional service providers of all kinds. 

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