How we work

Andrew Park  combines specialist knowledge and expertise in his niche practice areas with the highest possible level of client service.

“I would give Andrew full marks for technical expertise … and on every measure of quality of service.”   Read the full testimonial

Who does the work?

Andrew deals personally with every aspect of your case.  If you hire Andrew,  you get Andrew, not a succession of juniors, assistants or trainees.

“Andrew is a terrific lawyer: knowledgeable, practical, resourceful”  Read the full testimonial

What does it cost?

By operating as a niche solo practitioner in this way Andrew is able to provide a premium service at a considerably lower cost than a larger law firm.  Being so highly specialised enables him to spend time very efficiently and keep costs down.

“Very competitive.  A major contributing factor to this was his ability to gauge exactly how much involvement and detail was needed; delivering enough to do the job well but not spending more time than was necessary.”  Read the full testimonial

“We chose APP Law because of Andrew Park’s specialist expertise, and his favourable rates compared to London-based law firms.”  Read the full testimonial

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