Wine Trade Clients

For over 20 years Andrew Park has represented many different businesses and organisations involved in the global wine trade.

Wine Producers, and Producers’ Associations

Andrew has represented wine producers and brand owners from all the major wine-producing countries, including Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the USA.  He has also represented producers’ associations in various parts of the world.

Andrew represented the Winemakers Federation of Australia in Lonsdale v Howard & Hallam, the landmark House of Lords case in 2007 which clarified how compensation for commercial agents should be assessed in the UK.

More recently he represented Angove Family Winemakers, an Australian producer, in its ultimately successful battle with the Liquidators of D&D Wines following its collapse in 2012.  The case went all the way to the UK Supreme Court, which in July 2016 ruled in Angove’s favour.  This important decision clarified the law on revocation of an agent’s authority and the doctrine of constructive trusts.

Andrew’s running of the process from day one to the end was nothing short of exemplary.  It is hard to see how a better outcome could have been achieved.”  Read the full case study

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Wine Importers

Andrew has also acted for numerous UK importers, ranging from some of the biggest and best-known agents/distributors in the UK trade to one-man band agencies.

“Andrew’s experience in the wine trade made him an ideal resource.”  Read the full case study

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