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Importing & Exporting Wine to and from the UK

Updated UK Government guidance

The Government has recently issued updated guidance for UK businesses involved in importing or exporting wine.  It succinctly summarises the current rules and requirements.

The end of the VI-1 requirement for wine imports to GB

Legislation has today been approved implementing the Government’s decision to do away with V1-1 certificates from 1 January 2022.  Having concluded that VI-1 certificates served no purpose to business or the consumer, and simply added unnecessary costs to the trade in wine, the Government has removed this requirement, not only for EU wines but for all wine imported to GB.

Note however that this does not apply in Northern Ireland – VI-1 certificates will still be required for the EU/NI.

This has been enthusiastically welcomed in the trade.  All those exporting to GB will benefit, particularly those in countries that don’t currently have a simplified procedure  agreement, such as  New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina, and have to undertake full lab analysis.

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Andrew Park