Legal Services for Wine Producers and Brand Owners

We offer specialist legal services to wine and spirits producers and  brand owners who export to the UK, and elsewhere, or would like to start to doing so.  We can also help UK producers and brand owners who want to export to the EU and beyond.

Andrew Park‘s specialist knowledge of how the wine trade works means he can devise better solutions – and be more time-efficient and cost-effective – than any non-specialist.  Because Andrew deals with every client personally, you benefit from his long experience of dealing with the legal needs of other producers and brand owners, of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world.  He can identify the best way for you to approach a particular situation, and help you avoid dangers and pitfalls you may not have realise are there.

How we can help Wine Producers and Brand Owners

“It was very useful for us to have a UK based lawyer, particularly one so knowledgeable about the wine trade. He was able to explain UK laws and how things work there. He’d been involved in similar cases before so that experience was invaluable.”  Read the full case study

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