Specialist Legal Services for Wine Producers and Brand Owners – Agency, Distribution and other Contracts

If you’re a wine or spirits producer, or brand owner, looking to enter the UK market for the first time, or an established producer looking to improve your distribution arrangements in the UK, Andrew Park can help you to negotiate and put in place legal agreements that will protect your interests and maximise your returns from the UK market.  Agency, distribution, joint venture or brand supply agreements – or a combination of all of them.

Andrew can also help you to review your existing contractual relationships, assess your risks and exposures, and identify opportunities to improve your position.

Our free Producer’s Guide to UK Agency and Distribution Agreements explains the essential protections a written agreement can provide, and how to put them in place.  Please get in touch if you would like a copy of the Guide.

Other services for Wine Producers and Brand Owners:

“It was very useful for us to have a UK based lawyer, particularly one so knowledgeable about the wine trade. He was able to explain UK laws and how things work there. He’d been involved in similar cases before so that experience was invaluable.”  Read the full testimonial

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