Specialist Legal Services for Wine Producers and Brand Owners – Regulatory Matters

The importation and distribution of alcohol within the UK and the wider EU is highly regulated, and the consequences of failing to comply can potentially be serious.  Andrew Park is frequently asked to advise on labelling and other complexities of the EU and UK regulatory regimes for wine – and, increasingly, for spirits as well.

Regulation of Commercial Agents

The EU Commercial Agents Directive imposes a mandatory scheme of protection for commercial agents throughout the EEA (the EU Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).  In theory, the legal position should be the same in all EEA countries.  In practice, there can be significant differences between them.  For example, some countries protect agents who supply goods or services, others protect only those who supply goods. Some prescribe longer periods of notice of termination than others.  And there are important differences between EEA countries as regards a commercial agent’s entitlement to compensation on termination.  This area can be a minefield – it’s essential to understand the practical implications of these differences, whether you’re an importer or a producer.

Other services for Producers and Brand Owners

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