Testimonial – Omond & Co

Omond & Co is a specialist wine trade law practice based in Melbourne, Australia.  They represent numerous Aussie wine producers, who sometimes require advice regarding exporting to the UK and EU.

James Omond, principal of Omond & Co, first worked with Andrew Park in 2005, when one of his clients needed advice on UK law when negotiating an agreement with a UK distributor.  James explains why he chose Andrew:

“While it’s true to say that a general commercial lawyer could have fulfilled the brief, it gave me a feeling of comfort to be working with someone with such a comprehensive knowledge of the wine trade.”

Andrew has since advised Omond & Co on a number of different client cases.

“Andrew is very responsive, able to offer quick turnaround time on projects, and is always able to work around the practical issue of the time difference. He reads situations well, and offers the appropriate level of detail, mindful of his time (and therefore cost). While this makes his fees competitive, we certainly haven’t used him because he’s ‘cheap’: We use him because he offers great value and because he’s good at what he does.

I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Andrew’s work, as I will certainly continue to use him when I need specialist wine trade advice in the UK and EU.”

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