Testimonial – Philip Collier, Allens Accountants

Philip Collier is a former Director, now a Consultant, with Allens Chartered Accountants, a medium-sized accountancy practice based in the North West.  He has worked closely with Andrew Park for some years.

Types of work done

“Andrew has handled a variety of corporate and commercial work for me and my clients.  In particular in the situation where shareholders/partners have agreed a deal (usually an exit) which they simply want to be executed without each having their own solicitor and incurring several sets of legal fees.  This can work well where there is a large measure of agreement between the parties, and relationships between them are reasonably cordial. 

As sole conducting solicitor Andrew is able to adopt a facilitative role, identifying and presenting key issues neutrally rather than adversarially.  This prevents professionals’ personalities or egos getting in the way, positions becoming entrenched, and negotiations and relationships becoming fraught.

Whenever Andrew has dealt with a transaction in this way he has managed the process, and any potential conflicts, skilfully and successfully.  All concerned have felt properly advised and looked after, and found both the process and the outcome highly satisfactory.”

Other comments from Philip

“I frequently groan – sometimes even despair – at the quality of work done by some law firms for clients of mine – even firms that profess to be specialists.  I would give Andrew full marks for technical expertise on company and commercial work, and on every measure of quality of service –

  • availability and responsiveness
  • understanding what’s needed
  • efficiency, work ethic, getting things done
  • timetabling/keeping things moving
  • keeping me informed
  • clarity of communications and advice
  • costs information
  • value for money

Andrew would be my first choice for any company/commercial matter and I would recommend him highly.”

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