Testimonial – Simon Leigh, Allens Accountants

Simon Leigh is Managing Director of Allens Chartered Accountants, a medium-sized accountancy practice based in the North West.  He has worked closely with Andrew Park on the following in particular.

Allens’ merger with another practice

“The merger [in 2007] involved a complex partnership/shareholder/goodwill licensing arrangement.  Another commercial law firm was originally instructed.  I felt that they could not grasp the complexities of what was required, and that the merger was in danger of stalling.  Andrew was brought in to replace them.  He was able to understand and get to grips with the complexities, and see it through tenaciously to a conclusion.”

More recently, the exit of two Allens’ partners/directors

“Negotiations had been ongoing for some years.  The challenges were more to do with the parties and dynamics involved than any technical difficulties.  Andrew was again brought in to get a grip.  With skilful management and handling of the parties and the process he steered it to the desired outcome.”

Work for Allens clients

Andrew has also assisted Allens with legal analysis and preparation of submissions to HMRC which have resulted in successful tax outcomes for their clients.

Simon’s overall assessment

“Andrew has more of a handle on accounting and tax issues than the average lawyer.  Also the ability and willingness to tackle things that seem difficult, novel or unusual with an open mind and really get to the bottom of them.  This is a real technical point of difference between Andrew and other lawyers I have dealt with, who tend to ‘know what they know’.

He is good tactician, and manages the process of getting from A to B skilfully.  He is excellent at timetabling and keeping things moving proactively – I never have to chase him.  On the contrary, he chases us along to make sure things happen.  Another real point of difference with other lawyers.

He is always available and responsive.  Good at keeping me informed – strikes the right balance between emailing and picking up the phone when that’s the best way to get to the nub of something and resolve it.  Clear communications and advice, likewise costs information – and good value for money.”

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