Testimonial – Strike & Techel

Strike & Techell LLP is a specialist beverage law firm based in San Francisco, USA. They represent US wineries, breweries and distillers as well as importers, distributors and retailers of alcoholic beverages.

S&T Partner Barry Strike appointed Andrew Park when a US client needed legal advice about labelling requirements and regulations for exporting to the UK and EU.

“I met Andrew at an IWLA [International Wine Lawyer’s Association] conference so I knew, being a member of that organisation, that he would be very knowledgeable and I wasn’t disappointed.”

As well as advising S&T on their clients’ cases, Andrew has worked directly with clients they have referred to him.

“Andrew’s service is excellent. He is very communicative, providing frequent updates and managing my expectations. I appreciated his honesty – on the rare occasion he didn’t know something he would be open about it and go find out.

In terms of pricing I found him to be very competitive. A major contributing factor to this was his ability to gauge exactly how much involvement and detail was needed; delivering enough to do the job well but not spending more time than was necessary. That made the process very cost effective.

Andrew is a terrific lawyer: knowledgeable, practical, resourceful. I would have no hesitation in working with Andrew again and have every confidence to recommend him to our most valued clients.”

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